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Miniature in gold

This is my first sculpture this fall, I started small as I was trying to gaining my touch to the clay. I tried to keep it simple with this small woman statue it is only about 15 cm tall. It is originally white but I finished it with hint of gold after having done the base with browns.
Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--4 Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--5 Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki-2930


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Woman’s head

I have been very lazy with my art projects. My creativity has been asleep, now  I have something to show after a slow period. This sculpture is done with clay and I have finished it of by giving it color.Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--9 Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--7 Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--6 Sculputes of Ritva Sillanmäki--8