Welcome to my pages.

I am a Finnish artist on her way to discover herself as an Artist. Hoping you will also discover me…

I’m also  a student of life, I see beauty in nature, in people. I like to document my discoveries  through my paintings.

I will add my paintings to this blog, to clarify my other blogs.
Imagination comes to my aid, when at loss of words. There is truth about the saying a picture tells you more than thousand words. So does a painting, I want to show you how I see he world – I am near-sighted so all my paintings tend to be slightly impressionistic… well that’s how I see it 🙂

A good picture, art  does not only show the object , but also the emotion that it evokes .

I draw with pastels, paint with oil, acrylics and watercolors. I have for the last four years been studying technic of painting  and expression…
I have found that I paint emotions best with pastels, but I am learning other mediums to convey the same emotional impact.

I prefer paint on a large surface – so I will paint – not draw..

I’ a work in progress. Hopefully never ready.

I find huge joy in doing this and I what to share my learning and discoveries with you.

Hope you enjoy them.

If you are interested in any of my art work, please contact me at my email: ritva.sillanmaki@gmail.com

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