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Portrait of a woman – acrylic painting

Ritva Sillanmäki (7 of 68) Ritva Sillanmäki (6 of 68)


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Acrylic Painting on paper – winter

Winter evening


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Acrylic painting – Beach

Beach – the inspiration was to add yellow to the painting. My interpretation was to add sand… 6-DSC02269 5-DSC02265 4-DSC02264

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Acrylic Painting – Mountains

The  idea was to paint using a favorite colors  and  add the opposite  – least favorite. Yellow is not my favorite color,

This was what I did. Acrylic painting (size 50 x 70 cm) of mountains  with a sun faintly shining through the clouds.

Mountains detail of montains

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Art as a hobby

Hi All,

I’m a student of life, I see beauty in nature, in people. I like to document my discoveries by photo’s and through my paintings.
Imagination comes to my aid, when at loss of words. There is truth about the saying a picture tells you more than thousand words – so true in my case.

Photography, camera is a great way to capture a moment. A good picture does not only show the object of the photo, but also the emotion.,

Art – painting,  digital art, visual art. That’s what I love, people have been doing this for years and years – expressing themselves by paintings  – starting  from the caves.

This is my hobby and stress relief.

I have not done that, cave paintings that is,  but ever since I was a kid I’ve drawn pictures.  As I got more skills I’ve experienced with pastels, I started with this one as it was a step from pencils, charcoal and color pencils. I love to work with my hands so I moved to try pastel colors – the soft ones,  I “paint” a lot of it with my fingers to get the feel and touch to it.  Messy, rewarding and colorful.

As I processed to acquire more skill  – next was oil painting,  this was a lesson in colors and patience – as you have to wait  for each layer of color to dry… Colors – the mixing of different shades is  a long process. Still learning. One tends to create a color one likes and over use it – place it everywhere and then the magic is lost. Mixing warm and cool shades to get perspective.  Not a thing one learns quickly. I have found this has also taught patience to me.

Acrylic painting well, the advance is this dries quickly – a great medium for someone as impatient as I am.

Aquarelle paintings…this one I find is a challenge to me as I am not able to control the colors as well as I would like to…

You are able to study these by yourself  the internet is full of guidance community collages and art and craft classes are available in most places. I have studied  with a local artist who teaches at a local community college for five years now. It helps when someone gives you pointers to how to proceed and gives technical advice..also that working with others that are interested in same things is very inspiring.

But let’s get to the main thing – why I like to do it – why you should try it. You can express your feelings – happiness, frustration, sadness, hurt and sorrow. There is no wrong way to do it, if you have the urge to show , share your emotions, this is a safe and very helpful way to release those emotions as you work through them as you proceed in your work.

And what a joy if you have some like your work and  they get something  from it… if they have caught your meaning   – what you wanted to express. Or just had their own  view of it.

I’m no good with words – I paint, take photos.  I have three blogs where I  share my impressions of the world and surroundings… I hope they speak louder that my words 🙂

Ritva’s ART, Ritva’s Art too – Photography and the one you are at now Ritva’s Art – Paintings