I was hard trying to think of a name to this painting I found,  I’ve done it god knows when, totally forgot about it, until I just know pulled my paints and brushes out of naphthalene. Winter came first into my mind, so that what I will name it. It is not something I amContinue reading “Winter”

Acrylic Painting – Mountains

The  idea was to paint using a favorite colors  and  add the opposite  – least favorite. Yellow is not my favorite color, This was what I did. Acrylic painting (size 50 x 70 cm) of mountains  with a sun faintly shining through the clouds.

Art as a hobby

Hi All, I’m a student of life, I see beauty in nature, in people. I like to document my discoveries by photo’s and through my paintings. Imagination comes to my aid, when at loss of words. There is truth about the saying a picture tells you more than thousand words – so true in myContinue reading “Art as a hobby”