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Blues over the city

Blues, I love the color.  I am trying to create a more abstract modern way of doing landscapes.

Blues over the city Oil painting 90 x90 cm

Blues over the city
Oil painting 90 x 90 cm

 a distance

a distance

work pplace

work place


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Acrylic painting – Beach

Beach – the inspiration was to add yellow to the painting. My interpretation was to add sand… 6-DSC02269 5-DSC02265 4-DSC02264

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Acrylic Painting – Mountains

The  idea was to paint using a favorite colors  and  add the opposite  – least favorite. Yellow is not my favorite color,

This was what I did. Acrylic painting (size 50 x 70 cm) of mountains  with a sun faintly shining through the clouds.

Mountains detail of montains


Practicing watercolors

This media is not one of my strong points, that is for sure. In spite of it I am posting these, just to show I’m trying to improve my skills. Painting on a small paper, also not my strong points – I love to paint big paintings – so I do not end up drawing which is easy to do when a painting small canvases. as you can see…

I have not added anything here for ages – so that is the reason I’m  embarrassing myself by posting these..