I was hard trying to think of a name to this painting I found,  I’ve done it god knows when, totally forgot about it, until I just know pulled my paints and brushes out of naphthalene. Winter came first into my mind, so that what I will name it. It is not something I amContinue reading “Winter”

Sculpture – Face

  I’m being very self-indulgent displaying my own sculptures for this FUN  challenge, but that is why – it is so much fun to these…   more professional sculptures at; Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Statues, Carvings, Sculptures

Practicing watercolors

This media is not one of my strong points, that is for sure. In spite of it I am posting these, just to show I’m trying to improve my skills. Painting on a small paper, also not my strong points – I love to paint big paintings – so I do not end up drawingContinue reading “Practicing watercolors”